Thermal Cameras of Flir Systems in Singapore

28 Dec

Capturing underwater activities excites the person! A high-quality camera that comes from ‌‌Flir Systems in Singapore is cool. Watch sharp images that show life under water.

Flir Systems

When it comes to marine thermal cameras, the Flir Systems is a cool solution. In particular, the Flir M500 Thermal is regarded as an ultra high performance multi-sensor camera. Flir Systems in Singapore wants underwater images to be of memorable quality. This model is known as the most advanced in its series. The camera tilts and is gyro-stabilised. This means that the lenses enable being zoomed.

Also, it captures high-definition images. Being resistant to outside noise, it filters unpleasant sounds. Photos that are gotten are stored in modern electronic positions. There is a mount used for the camera to have stable movement.

Raymarine on Cruise

Water activities such as sailing, fishing, cruising, and commercial shipping can be photographed sharply. With the use of Raymarine in Singapore, this is achieved. Enjoy a fresh catch of fish bounty and record it on the camera. Raymarine gadgets are capable of multi-function navigation. It acts as a chart, sonar navigation, and radar together. In particular, the Chirp Sidevision and Downvision are awesome at night!

There is the Dragonfly Range that make great electronics. Its display screen adapts to any weather. See life under water with Sonar Modules and the Fishfinder. Sharp photos of fishes are taken in the depth of the sea. Regardless of the time of the day, Radar Systems are cool to use. They have foresight of impending trouble.

While sailing, use marine electronics with instrument displays. In particular, the i40 instrument lets the display be seen on an i70. It has a huge screen and high-end. More than one instrument can be connected together. As for the AutoPilot, it is recognised for its advanced aerospace guidance technology. This Singaporean Raymarine gadget has a 9-axis sensor. There is no need for calibration and the precision is outstanding.

Inertial Navigation System

With the presence of an ‌‌inertial navigation system, there are elements observed. These include roll, heading, velocity, pitch, and position. A combination of certain things is possible. For an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to be considered, there are three accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. Velocity and Navigation data that has GNSS receiver for internal and external.

There is a micro-processor that is capable of on-board Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). Inertial data that is real-time and with GNSS as well as aiding information. When operation is done, there is a database that stores internal data.

To measure an item’s angular action, the gyroscope is handy. It acts as a physical sensor for the action. There is an inertial reference frame used as basis for the movement. Without the need for a reference signal and outside infrastructure, the complete action is measured. As for the magnetometer, the magnetic field is used for its direction or strength.

Whether it is fishing, sailing or cruising, the marine electronics of Raymarine Singapore proves valuable. It is a pleasure to see captures images on display.

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