How Surveillance Systems Ensure Safety & Security in The Ship

01 Feb

Ship safety and security in the waters is achieved by employing a set of maritime systems that work together simultaneously. Although they are engineered to perform different functions, these systems all contribute to keeping the ship secured and at the right track at all times, but more importantly, it ensures that it receives help in time of distress.

In this article, allow me to share with you one system that we employ in our ship to ensure safety and gather data that are crucial in maintaining an overall smooth running of the vessel: surveillance systems.

Surveillance Systems from Videotec Singapore 

The value of high security in the maritime industry should never be undervalued, not when 80% of world trade is transferred by sea. It’s the reason why an essential part of maritime security is video surveillance - and as a business in the industry, we demand the latest in security camera technology and surveillance systems, which we are lucky to have all been provided by Aquila Nova, a distributor of Videotec CCTV products and surveillance systems in Singapore

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras 

It prevents terrorism - Because of the value of ships and ports in international trade, as well as the sensitivity of the cargos involved, terrorism is a serious concern - and a reliable video surveillance system plays a role in combating these threats.

It heightens security - Every year, we ship hundreds of containers across the waters and monitoring these containers is vital to our business. It’s where surveillance cameras play an important role as they increase the level of security in our surroundings.

It reduces the risk of threat - Because security is heightened, the theft of goods can be prevented. Surveillance cameras, particularly those built-in with video analytics, can spot suspicious activities such as theft as they happen.

It improves the flow of trade - Overall, with the heightened levels of security and reduced risks of threat, the flow of trade can be greatly improved - all of which can significantly impact your ROI in the long run.

But, of course, all of these wouldn’t be possible has we not partnered with Videotec.

The company prides itself as a leading in-house manufacturer of a wide range of CCTV products and surveillance systems recognized for superior performances, versatility, and style. Over the years, it has been leading the field in the development of reliable surveillance products that incorporate state-of-the-art components and the finest materials available.

Video surveillance systems for the maritime industry 

However, what sets them apart from the market is their use of stainless-steel housing for their surveillance cameras which allows these products to withstand harsh and aggressive environmental conditions. It is the very concept that makes these surveillance systems an effective solution not only in the maritime industry but in the oil and gas industries as well.

I can’t think of any other brand who can provide you with the topmost quality surveillance systems and products than Videotec Singapore.

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