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Because nothing will be given to them for free just like that due to the fact that everything has a price tag and people need to prove their worth and earn their keep each and every day, a lot of folks are really hellbent on pushing forward towards the top of their chosen careers. There are those who went to medical school because they want to be respected doctors who are known for their outstanding and exemplary work in hospitals as they help countless patients recover from their diseases and overcome debilitating afflictions. There are also businessmen and captain of industry who think in decimals, dollars and percentages because they want to earn fat stacks of cash and boost the figures in their bank accounts so that they can enjoy the finer things in life.

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Most of us really do not understand a lot of technology. It is like we just purchase stuff and try and do what we need to do in order for us to get by. If we see something really awesome, we know that we can already get ourselves into doing whatever that type of technology needs then enjoy the benefits, right? For example, whenever we go out to party or for out of town, we automatically would just buy food or water from stores. That is normal, we trust that whatever they would give us would actually be clean and safe. But do we really know the processes they had to go through in order to give us safe food, water, or even services?

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Of all the things we need that we really cannot resist, that is going to be water. Many of us do not really like drinking too much of this but sometimes, we prefer drinking other types of refreshments: we have soda, juice, or even strong spirited drinks. That is totally fine whichever among those you choose but going down to the basics, that is always going to be water. We need it for energy. We need to be hydrated as 70% of our body is made of water. This means that we cannot function without it. And we know how delicate getting clean safe drinking water is. Today, a lot of chemicals are permeating the ground and sometimes, they get to the air, too. With these, we have to be sure that whatever we ingest is healthy.

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Due to the cold fact and hard truth of life that there are many insufferable cretins, violent criminals and deplorable predators out there who attack their unsuspecting victims for their various ulterior motives, it is but natural that people are adamant and determined to put up walls of protection around themselves and their family. And that is the reason why they work hard in their respective careers so that they can earn enough money, move their loved ones to a better neighbourhood, build a secure home and enjoy the rest of their days without looking over their shoulders and sleeping with the lights on all the time because they are crippled with fear. But instead of looking at total strangers with contempt, disdain and outright intolerance, people need to learn that there are still decent folks out there who want to live in peace and harmony just like them.

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How many of us understands technology? Well that actually depends on the type of technology we are handling, right? We can all agree that for most of us, our idea of technology is surrounding computers, the Internet, and the next best game app and consoles. However, for some people, technology involves machineries and other process that can improve the quality of living.

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