What is Air Particle Counter?

12 Apr

How many of us understands technology? Well that actually depends on the type of technology we are handling, right? We can all agree that for most of us, our idea of technology is surrounding computers, the Internet, and the next best game app and consoles. However, for some people, technology involves machineries and other process that can improve the quality of living.

All right, before you actually freak out about the idea, just take this into consideration, how many of us totally understands how we are able to live carelessly and safely? Like, is everything we have simple? Do we take in air and be healthy just like that?

Well, how about if we tell you that there are professions that look into the details of the basic stuff—too basic we almost do not pay attention or notice them—to understand how they work?

Stuff like what? How about if we tell you that there are professionals that look into the components of natural stuff like water and air to understand how they work and what comprises it?

So We Study Air?

We are all aware from our elementary classes that we study everything in earth. So, that means and confirms that there are people who look at the different particles in the air just to look at its quality. Moreover, if you haven’t heard, then let this be like an air particle counter 101.

In case you haven’t been introduced to the idea, there is such a tool called particle countersIn Singapore there are companies that specialize on them. In fact, they have also invented liquid particle counterCalibration of these tools are involved in good service as well.  If you do search online for a company that produces different tools needed for industries that cater to understanding different matters such as metal, liquid, and gas, then you would be lucky to find out that they do have machineries for these areas or fields of work most of us probably have not heard of.

What is this?

So, before you get too overwhelmed, let us define what these counters are.

As mentioned, there are tools involved in counting particles in liquid or air. We are not going to be too technical about it but here is how it works:  as the matter pass through a chamber—just think if it as the machine—light is used in order to focus on the different particles on them. We are talking about particles on a cell here so this is a really technical process.

What happens is they are recorded via computer and then the images are analyzed. This process makes use of high definition camera in order to clearly detect particles. This is an important job as this will help determine if there are any harmful chemical contamination in a sample. And if there is, then the necessary cleaning or sanitation must be done. However, do not think of it is as a really easy job. Machines used need to undergo a lot of checking, too. The company performing and selling the counters would have to secure licenses and other government permits, too.

 Source: http://allaboutindustry.strikingly.com/blog/what-is-air-particle-counter

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