Odor Control, and Other Services by Glasmat

10 Jun

For odor control, and other environmental concerns, we must seek a manufacturer that highly values its customers, and the environment. Alongside the progression of society, and the economy at large, come the growing responsibility of man to take care of its environment. Sadly, our responsibility, and accountability to the environment have been widely neglected, resulting in the decline of our mother nature. With this, factories, and establishments should always have proper waste solutions. Byproducts should be properly engineered, so it would not contribute to the pollution, be it air, water or land. With the cutting-edge engineering provided by Glasmat here in Singapore, they provide creative solutions for complex environmental projects.

Here are some of the services that Glasmat provides:

FRP/GRP Supply, Field Installation, and Modification

For reliable FRP or GRP installation, and modification, Glasmat could provide you with a reliable service. With more than 8 years of experience with installation, and field works, we could provide you with a safe, and guaranteed establishment. With our expertise, we know quite well the materials you might need. If you might need FRP or fibre reinforced plastics, or GRP, we got you. With FRP, fibres with polymer matrix have specifications of high strength. GRP, on the other hand, is a composite material that is made out of glass fibres. It uses polyester, vinyl, or epoxy as the polymer.


Odor Control

Glasmat is also deemed as an odor control manufacturer. It offers solutions to odor control, and air pollution equipment. It is inevitable for factories, and other industrial spaces to emit byproducts, but it is important for them to properly regulate it. Odour, for example, has to be properly controlled, so it would not affect nearby communities. Odour control has to be done because a factory’s emission of foul odour can result in sicknesses, and epidemics with nearby communities. With this, Glasmat provides you with solutions as it manufactures odour control systems.

Evaporator High COD

To solve the problems of waste water, Glasmat also provides evaporator high COD systems. Wastewaters have been ruining other valuable resources. As Singapore has been one of the countries with much water resources, Glasmat provides you with complex solutions. Glasmat provides suitable equipment for communities to industrial resolutions on water treatment.

Chemical, and Solvent Recovery

Glasmat provides you with solutions in recycling, and the re-using of de-greasing, and washing solvents. Through the said process, contaminants are separated from the original solvent. A peripheral heating jacket that is filled with diathermic oil, and is heated by an electrical element works to boil the solvent. With this, chemicals, and solvents are recovered.

There are just some of the services that we at Glasmat could provide. We also offer other services aside from GRP/FRP installation, odor control, evaporator high COD, and chemical, and solvent recovery. If you need these same services, just inquire at Glasmat. Our lines are always open for your call or you can just leave a quote at our website.

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