16 May

Because nothing will be given to them for free just like that due to the fact that everything has a price tag and people need to prove their worth and earn their keep each and every day, a lot of folks are really hellbent on pushing forward towards the top of their chosen careers. There are those who went to medical school because they want to be respected doctors who are known for their outstanding and exemplary work in hospitals as they help countless patients recover from their diseases and overcome debilitating afflictions. There are also businessmen and captain of industry who think in decimals, dollars and percentages because they want to earn fat stacks of cash and boost the figures in their bank accounts so that they can enjoy the finer things in life.

And then there are the blue-collar workers who spill blood, sweat and tears in their respective professions to make the world a better place in their own humble but important way because they need to make an honest living in order to fulfil their duties and responsibilities to their loved ones and family. This is especially crucial for loving and supportive parents who want to give their young children everything that they want and need in this world because feeding them three times a day, buying them clothes to keep them warm, putting a roof over their heads to keep them safe and sending them to good schools can be quite expensive. Therefore, they push their battered minds and exhausted bodies to the limit because they cannot afford to slow down, take their foot of the gas pedal and coast along lazily due to the fact that they have a lot of concerns on their plate.

But this does not mean that they should take foolish risks and put themselves in harm’s way just to get things done especially when they are using oil absorbent materials, power tools and heavy machinery on the job site because a lot is at stake and they need to play it smart. They need to stay safe each and every day so that they can come home and be with their loved ones when the sun goes down and the first step in doing so is listening to their boss, supervisor and manager as well as following orders down to a tee because they need to follow the rules and regulations all the time.

They should also wear proper safety equipment and protective gear like hard hats, steel-toed boots, googles, harnesses and heavy gloves all the time especially when they are putting on a gasket and handling potentially volatile materials because they never know when tragedy might rear its ugly head and strike without warning. And last but not the least, they should always take advantage of the great opportunity to grow, learn and become more competent in the position that they hold by attending training workshops and safety seminars because this will certainly put everything to perspective and remind them of the fact that life is too precious to take unnecessary risks with very little rewards.

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