Great Aircon Servicing at an Affordable Price

25 Dec

Dry season in Singapore can be scorching hot. It’s also unfortunate that I sweat so easily, so I have to give my body breathing room for fresh air and wind.

Living at home is even worse if you don’t have anything to battle the heat. This is why I treat my home like a fortress in the middle of Antarctica. My home is basically a living, breathing refrigerator with one flick of a switch whenever I want.

I buy my air-conditioning from Lifestyle Guru, an aircon servicing and promotion company in Singapore. They offer loads of different air-conditioning products from different trusted brands such as LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi heavy Industries, Fujitsu, and Toshiba.

Air-conditioning is such an important part of your household, especially if you live in Asia where it can get hot real quick. Of course, I do understand that air-conditioning can be expensive, which is why you should buy the product with the most worth.

I chose my aircon from LG. They’re a little pricey, but I trust their products. My television’s LG, and it’s still working good as new after three years.

Here in Singapore, getting a casement aircon for your window is pretty common. It’s a quick and easy way to buy an affordable aircon that can be installed quickly in your room. I have two aircons: one casement aircon from Trentios for my bedroom, and one air-conditioner from LG for my entire living room and kitchen.

LG’s air-conditioning is so powerful, it can power up the entire kitchen and living room with a chill breeze in less than two minutes. As for my aircon from Trentios, it’s not as powerful and quick as LG. But it’s cheaper, and serves the purpose of cooling down my entire bedroom.

Aside from air-conditioning, Lifestyle Guru sells ceiling fans and heaters. For me, an ideal household should include at least one air-conditioning unit and maybe one or two ceiling fans.

The ceiling fans are for when hot and sunny days, but you should save some money so  air-conditioning use is reduced. Ceiling fans are a lot cheaper, and they add a touch of style to your home too.

As for heaters, they’re for chilly and rainy days. Even during sunny days, I like my body to relax with a hot steaming shower—but only at night before I go to sleep.

Buying online is the way of the future that’s happening right now. I’ll just check Lifestyle’ Guru’s website, enquire about any available products, and select any option I choose. In a few minutes, my order shall be confirmed and processed to deliver.

Lifestyle Guru’s selection of different products has been proven to be convenient to my needs. When I need to add some essentials to my household, I’ll look no further than to go online and check Lifestyle Guru.

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